Retread Equipment

Tire Buffer
Tread Builder
Electric Curing Chamber
Envelope Expander
Cement Churner & Cyclone Filter
Rail System / Monorail
Process Monorail
Inspection Spreader
Expandable Rims and Hub
Curing Rims & Bead Seal Plate
Rimming Station
Snap Seal
Tire Stand, Trolley and Skiving
Nail Hole Detector
Tread Preparation Table With Rotary Cutter

Retread Consumables

Curing Bag

Retreading Tools

Carbide Rasp
Hand Tools
Tire Repair Knives
Buffing Blades
Radial Repair Tools

Repair Equipment

Extruder gun
Tire Spotter

Tyre Repair & Service Tools

Truck Tyre Mount and Demount Tool
Impact Tyre Bead Breaker

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is retreading?

Retreading is a re-manufacturing process for tyres in which the tread rubber is replaced on worn out tyres.

What is Pre-cured Tyre Retreading?

Pre-cured tyre retreading is bonding a pre-cured tread rubber to the worn out well prepared tyre crown.

What are the factors which increase the growth of Tyre Retreading?

  • Increase in radialization in the commercial vehicle segment
  • Increase in the share of multi axle trucks
  • Improved condition of road network
  • 90 % of the Indian Retreading Industry is fragmented and lies with the numerous unorganized participants.
  • Inadequate supply of natural rubber
  • Higher tyre prices and increasing vehicle population.

How to know when the tyre should be removed for retread?

  • The tyre should be removed when the original tread on the tyre wears out.
  • The tread weariness is indicated by tread wear indicator inside the grooves of the tread
  • The recommended thickness of the tread is 1.6mm, when the commercial tyres should be removed.

How many times a tyre can be retreaded?

  • It depends upon the integrity of the casing
  • The tyre can be retreaded multiple times as long as the casing integrity is intact

Why should you invest in the tire retreading industry?

  • Retreading is safe, efficient and environmental friendly
  • Retreading a tire costs only one third of the cost of the new tire
  • A new tire consumes nearly 22 gallons of oil whereas the retreaded tire consumes only 7 gallons of oil. Most of the oil is found in the tire casing. A fleet on an average which consumes 50 tires/ year can save around 750 gallons of oil a year.
  • Retreading one tire saves 20 liters of crude oil
  • Retreaded tire provides nearly 80% of the mileage of the new tire
  • The retreading market in India is approximately $1 billion (Rs. 6000 crores).

Why should you buy machines from Gemeni Machine Works?

  • Manufactured, installed and commissioned 350 tire retreading plants globally
  • Exported our products to 15 countries
  • 3 decades of experience in the retreading industry
  • Provide details of design and plant layout options and customize the plant according to the requirements of the customer
  • Install, commission and train the operators to run and maintain the machines.

What are all the machines needed to start a retreading plant?

Inspection spreader, tire buffer, tread builder, electric curing chamber, monorail and envelope expander.

Which capacity electric chamber should you buy?

It depends upon the number of tires you are looking to retread per day, shift or month. Assuming each shift is 10 hours. The number of tires that can be retreaded with each chamber in a 10 hour shift are

  • 2 tire chamber- 6 tires/ shift
  • 3 tire chamber- 9 tires/ shift
  • 4 tire chamber- 12 tires/shift
  • 5 tire chamber- 15 tires/shift
  • 6 tire chamber- 18 tires/shift
  • 8 tire chamber - 24 tires/shift
  • 10 tire chamber- 30 tires/shift
  • 12 tire chamber- 36 tires/shift
  • 16 tire chamber- 48 tires/shift

Is there warranty on retreading machines?

Yes. We provide warranty for our machines for one year.

Do you provide training to run the Tyre Retreading plant?

We provide complete support right from installation, commissioning and training of the operators in running the tyre retreading plant. We have a very good team of service engineers who will take care of the installation, commissioning and training of the operators. We manufacture Tyre Retreading machinery on turnkey basis i.e we manufacture the machinery, install and commission the machinery, train the operators and supply tools and consumables.

What are all the raw materials and consumables required for retreading?

Tread rubber, bonding gum, black vulcanizing cement, curing envelope, curing tube, curing flap, curing rims and bead seal plate.

Whom should we buy the tools and raw materials from?

We are a single source manufacturer and supplier to the retreading industry. We supply all types of tools and raw materials for the customers depending on their requirement.

Will the installation and commissioning be performed anywhere in the world?

Yes the installation and commissioning can be performed anywhere in the world. We will send a service engineer for installation and commissioning to any location you want us to send.

Do you have skilled labors to run the plant?

Yes we provide skilled labors to run the plant whom the customer can retain them permanently on salary basis.

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